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As creators on, we have tweeted. We have truthed. We have emailed. We have messaged. We are eagerly waiting for new features on the platform!

Rumble is listening, but if we can consolidate our voice and prioritize our wants/needs then they can truly find the path to success for creators.

This is not an official website of Rumble, so do not expect all of these features to be implemented. Be patient, but let them hear our voice.

~ WhatUpIan

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Requested Features

These are requested features. Nothing is official!

Website Request

We need a website notification page so that we can see likes, comments and follows.

Account page needs a listing for likes but a separate one for comments and the ability to view you comment history.

The search was improved when they combined the video and channel search, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the search engine.

Autocomplete search sentences.

We would like to see when the video was uploaded. Streams show the date they were streamed, but videos give a generic “2 days ago.”

It is Super annoying to be watching someones video, wanting to watch their next video and instead it auto goes to someone live and usually a completely different topic. When enabled, it would be amazing to that the next video is in the same “topic” – i.e. if watching slap, the next video or live is slap related, if watching say Redacted, the next video is a live political. Instead of seemingly whatever is the highest viewed live.

Users would like the option to change their username. 

Accounts have a earnings page but followers need a donation page to see who they are supporting and by how much.

Sortable follower lists. Both when viewing the full page and the side bar listing. I would like to order them by priority and sometimes follower count or alphabetically. Right now the side bar is alphabetical but limited on number listed. The full list page is NOT alphabetical or sortable and does not indicate a channel versus user account.

Change the verification process that does not require a phone number.

Creator Request

Probably the most requested item I see when I am streaming is “Playlist.” This is an option to add videos into categories so that users can see relative videos in one list. This needs to be user and channel based. Most great playlist are curated by users based on various creators. Also creators need to create playlist so that they can categorize videos on their channel.

The stats and analytics needs an overhaul. As creators we need better stats so that we can see what is doing well and what is not. Along with better ad revenue stats. 

The channel pages needs an overhaul. Here are a few ideas creators would like implemented:

  1. Channel tabs
  2. Videos
  3. Short Videos
  4. Live Streams
  5. Channel Description
  6. Socal Links
  7. Locals Community
  8. A Pinned Video or two

Have the option to comment as a channel. When chatting or commenting people click on the username and follow the user. This is counter productive to trying to grow a channel.

Open the API to other developers to create connections to other websites.

Provide an alternative to Paypal for payouts.

You can opt for a Cheque, but there should still be an digital option. Since Rumble owns part of Parallel Economy, they should offer that for payouts.

Improve the scrub bar on mobile and desktop. Maybe a visible fast-forward and rewind?

(Keyboard arrow keys can be used for fast-forward and rewind)

Live Stream Request

Youtube had Live Redirect and Twitch has Raids.

Cross-channel live redirects are functionally similar to Twitch raids, which allows a creator to send their audience to another stream when theirs concludes.

Currently Rumble has an auto-censoring live chat. If certain words are used the chat message is not displayed to the public.

There are two things that need to be addressed with this issue.

  1. The person that wrote the message needs to be notified that the message is not displayed to the public because of the word that was used.
  2. The content creator needs to be the one that sets the level of censorship for their chat.

The live chat is getting close to being a great chat experience. 

  • Custom creator emojis.
  • Whale badges should last forever and could add a few more tiers(1>100>500>1000).
  • Locals still needs to be integrated.

Have a stream key that is consistent and not requiring an updated code every time the creator streams.

Ability to create a status that is customizable. Such as “WhatUpIan is playing Minecraft”

I would think this would be small and italicized between title and thumbnail or just below thumbnail.

Badges that show a user is a locals member or support of the creator. This will incentivize users to connect their account to Locals and become members/supports.

It would be nice to be able to create clips and highlights from the DVR videos(post live). Right now you can download the full livestream file, but that can be a long download process because of the file size. 

I think it would work best if the “X watching” to the top of the chat box. 

This would allow for creators to see how many are watching while having the chat pop’d out.

Locals Requested Features

Make the connection from Rumble to Locals with a connected login. Easier access.

Most people when they get to Locals are greeted with a pay wall. Make it easier for users to sign-up for a Locals community page.

On twitch users can earn “bits” while watching streamers. Could Rumble users earn Locals coins while watching streamers?

Connect locals members and supporters to streaming software so that creators can have an active scrolling list of members and supporters.

Complete Requested Features
Completed Requests

This is generic, but it needs an overhaul. Graphically and functionally. 

  • User profile picture
  • Colorful Username

Ability for creators to pop the chat into its own separate window.

Watch history was added.

Badges for creators, premium, and Locals supporters(coming soon).

Whale badges for rumble rants.

Lowered the requirement from 100 -> 25 -> 5 followers.

Completed Requests

Rumble videos now play within Locals.

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